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ERNU Shipping Ltd Safety takes precedence and is followed and implemented, strictly and religiously. The term “Safety” entails safety of not just life and cargo but also encompasses protection of the environment and maintenance and upgradation of vessels at regular intervals. The company has a proactive safety culture in place. Initiatives to integrate and implement strict safety measures for protection and preservation of environment has helped to uphold company's non-compromising attitude towards safety

Excelence in quality is something that must be created and nurtured. Therefore, all that is done at ERNU SHİPPİNG Ltd is customer oriented and the service procedures are continuously updated and improved based on customer surveys and feedback.

ERNU SHIPPING Quality Policies:

• Keeping customer data confidential.
• Exceeding customers’ expectations with the service provided in the international transport and logistics fields.
• Creating an environment where the employees are considered as internal customers and providing them with the opportunity to improve their skills continuously.
• Taking off some of customer’s workload by determining the best possible logistics solutions on a continuous basis.
• Delivering the cargo to final destination on time without any damage.
• Solving any problem that may occur during the transport, finding out the reason for it and preventing customer dissatisfaction at any cost.

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